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Blog: Engagements

Tim and Laura’s Engagement in Millennium park Chicago, IL!

Jeff and Jennifer Engagement in Adam’s park and all around Downtown Wheaton!

Nick and Kristen Engaged in Philadelphia, PA! Got to photograph at Washington Square park, and went back to their relational roots at University of Penn Law School!

Phil and Lindsay’s Chicago Engagements in Olive Park!

Trey and Mary’s Engagement session in the Lincoln Marsh!!!

Adam and Bhavna’s Chicago Engagements at Olive Park!

Tom and Kim’s Engagement session at the Naperville River Walk!

David and Colleen’s Engagement Session in Chicago!

Drew and Tiffany’s Engagements where they got engaged: Danada House!

Kurt and Jen’s engagement session in Chicago, and bringin along TOTO!

Matt Sauter and Jessica Lipp up and at em Sunrise engagements in Northside Park!

Arne and Barbie: Team Barnie Engagements in Chicago!!!

Ryan and Heidi’s Chicago Engagements Finding Little Fun and Hidden Parks! And the Groovy Rooftop of TheWit!

Merrick and Kerry engagement in Chicago with tons of awesome exploration on rooftops and hotdog stands!

Garrett and Wyntir’s Engagement in Long Grove, IL! TWO hilarious animations and awesomeness.

Josh and Kristin engaged in Cantigny Park, pure hilarity and awesomeness!

Michael and Erica Engaged! Hanging out in Northside Park!

Jeff and Kim’s engagements in Downtown Wheaton…we’re under fire here.

Keenan and Sarah’s Engagement session in Des Moines, IA: “I like spinning/Everything I do, I do it for you”

Dave and Christine’s Chicago engagement in Montrose Harbor

Paul and Kelsey’s Chicago engagements with some super cute moments that you wouldn’t expect

Jake Rigert and Natalie Birkhofer’s Chicago super fun Engagement session! What a fantastic couple!

Matt and Julia’s AWESOME Engagement session in Naperville… I quote, “I’m like a monkey” – Julia

Joel and Emily’s engagement session in the Chicago Botanic Gardens!

Drew and Sabrina’s engagement all around Chicago!

Ben and Cherise stroll through Judson and downtown Elgin while being Engaged!

Paul and Kelsey’s Save the dates in Union Station Chicago, IL!

Andy and Trish’s engagements in Milwaukee, Wi. Awesome Insanity!

Dane and Aubrie’s Engagements…full of hilarity and awesomeness

Chris and Liz’s Chilly and Awesome Engagement Stroll in Arlington Heights!