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Josh and Kristin engaged in Cantigny Park, pure hilarity and awesomeness!

March 31, 2012
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HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  What the heck is going on below???  Click HERE to find out!



















I love these two.  When Josh asked me to take their engagement AND wedding pictures, of course I flipped knowing how awesome that would be.  He’s a darn good shooter himself, and a fellow rockstar.  What Josh and Kristin have is one of the most solid mixes of craziness, and super compatibility.  Their humor is hilarious, as they kind of just continually feed off each other.  One does something ridiculous, and the other follows suit by instinct practically.


Josh is such a good dude to know.  He’s a class act school teacher, a really groovy bass player, and dables in all sorts of sports and art.  Not only all that good stuff wrapped up in a neat lil bow, he can cook like there’s no tomorrow.


And then his radical lady Kristin has been rocking in the UIC’s Children’s Center.  I have loads of respect to take on a very demanding roll as a teacher for the younger kids.  And believe me, after knowing Kristin for two seconds you will see that she has the energy and level headedness to take on that position so well.  And of course I snooped a ton, and WOW their division is ranked at an impressive mark.  Regardless, she is super hilarious and I can see how this relationship just works so well.


Congrats you two, and of course I am ever so looking forward to your wedding in September!!

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