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Arne and Barbie: Team Barnie Engagements in Chicago!!!

May 15, 2012
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Team Barnie! (Arne + Barbie = Team Barnie)  Amazing.  It’s really funny how dependent I am in this biz to have decent weather for most of the shoots that go down.  We originally planned a few weeks ago to do this session, and of course mother nature had other plans.  So instead, we just had an awesome time hanging out, having dinner, and being rad.  The next round, we made magic happen.  Well they did, and I just documented it all going down.  Incredible day for it too, if I might add.


Arne’s legit as they come.  We probably didn’t even need to meet before to be so comfortable around each other for this shoot, as Arne has a great sense of humor, and enjoyment out of life.  Hey if you’re ever in Grand Rapids, check out Arnie’s Bakery in Grand Rapids! He holds that place together, NBD. As you can tell, he can lift a few pounds with ease here or there…so this trooper had to help out a ton that day with TONS of 100 pound bag lifting on top of other work to do, and then drive straight in to Chicago for our E session.  So cool. And cooler…finds some random change and instantly gives it to a homeless dude.  Yes.


Barbie is a bundle of energy, teaching out in Indiana.  All you teachers know that you need a barrel of energy teaching just about any age kids, and luckily she has plenty.  I actually had the privilege to catch the train in to the city with her, and we got to chat up allllll about the wedding coming up in July! {Keep your eyes peeled for THAT doozy of a post}  Saw the dress {OH EM GEE}, heard what the dudes are wearing, colors, ALL that awesome stuff.  So she had all sorts of appointments that day before our shoot as well.  Crazy awesome.


I love these two, and this will be one epic summer.  Congrats Team Barnie! I’ll be doing pushups until your Barnie wedding goes down in July!!!!

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