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Keenan and Sarah’s Engagement session in Des Moines, IA: “I like spinning/Everything I do, I do it for you”

October 16, 2011
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Alright, there’s probably 3454786 things I wanna say here about these two, but I’ll try to keep it summarized pretty efficiently.  It was a great trip out in Des Moines, IA for Keenan and Sarah’s engagement session…which started off with a turbo amazing sandwich from Manhattan Deli.  Wow.


From there, we ventured out to Drake (where they met and hung out together a ton), downtown Des Moines, and Gray’s lake.  It was hours of exploring, hearing how insanely hilarious both Keenan and Sarah are.  I’m sure maybe one or two of you raised your eyebrow at the title of this post…well, I had Keenan spin Sarah around a few times that day, and apparently she really just does like spinning.  Ha!  I found that statement outstanding.  The other part of the title comes from the song on Family Guy that Stewie recorded a music video.  It got stuck in our heads and I was pretty okay with that.  Go ahead, look for it on youtube.  It’s ridiculous.


As our time ended, we finalized our day with a high five pizza from Fong’s Pizza.  (good call Eric O’Connor!) My stomach is still happy about it.  I’m glad I brought my camera along to Fong’s to grab just a few more pictures.  Plus, the world needs to see how much fun they have…so there you go.


Keenan and Sarah really are comfortable around each other (obviously) and are both straight up bonkers.  This is all out of love, of course.  That’s what makes it so easy and fun for me: to just be a portable mirror of all the fun they have together…and showing how good the look (naturally).


Keep an eye out for these two as they’re getting hitched August 18th, 2012! Looking forward to your killer wedding at Starved Rock!

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