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Ryan and Heidi’s Chicago Engagements Finding Little Fun and Hidden Parks! And the Groovy Rooftop of TheWit!

May 6, 2012
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Lovely afternoon in Chicago with these groovy cats Ryan and Heidi!  We had ourselves a real adventure going around the city and finding some cool little spots that kept us stopping every few seconds for more fun shots! Plus, as you can tell, they’re just really fun people.  Period.


Ryan’s a great dude that has this “it” factor that could probably talk to you about something that normally wouldn’t be anything super interesting, and completely captivate you.  Granted that skill was never really tested out thoroughly, as his position at HP is all sorts of crazy awesomeness.  I’m pretty sure he can keep a level head so easily not only from his natural self, but also handling his duties as training, skill set equipping, meeting goals, and all other aspects of his job allow him to take on just about anything.  His humor is just spot on…timing, delivery, and content are all just money with this dude.  He rocks.


Heidi and I actually talked up some nerd talk during the shoot, and afterwards when we were just shootin the breeze.  She’s got a sweet job at a pharmaceutical company in the marketing side of things.  She’s taken some classes with photography, and is actually enrolled for more!  So of course, I couldn’t shut up for a while on that deal.  Aside from all that, Heidi is just a great person to be around that loves good humor {enter Ryan}.  The more honest a person is, the more you know whatever that person says or does is true as well.  This resonates so well with Heidi, as she is super honest, and at the same time one of the happiest people around.  So you know it’s legit.


Look out for these guys gettin hitched in a few months!  I will say that it’s gonna be a slammin party.  Congrats you two! Can’t wait for your wedding, and thanks again for a sweet day to remember!

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