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Tom and Kim’s Engagement session at the Naperville River Walk!

April 16, 2013
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And of course, the parking garage had some of my most favorite lighting….


Hahaha oh my GOSH this was just a load of fun. Tom and Kim had some of the best outfit changes and perfect lighting to showcase their awesomeness.


Tom and Kim have a super interesting career duo, as Tom is an attorney for the people filing for bankruptcy and foreclosures. Kim works for a company that deals on the other side of foreclosures. So really, it just makes sense that they have that baseball rivalry. Kind of hilarious actually.


I loved hanging out with Tom and Kim, seeing how they have a truckload in common and still have those unique differences to make it really fun.  They are so darn great together, as I really didn’t have to do anything more than laugh my face off and keep hitting the shutter button.  I have a pretty good feeling it will be that way come October for their wedding!!! Hey I’m pumped you guys, you ready for this???

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