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David and Colleen’s Engagement Session in Chicago!

December 24, 2012
Posted in: Engagements

A surprisingly AWESOME day out! December is just turning into a mixed handbag of frost and heat, and we got lucky.  Overcast with no winds is just amazing to shoot in.  

Do you recognize these two??  In November, I photographed David’s Sister’s (Kerry Donenberg) wedding! We got along so dang well that our paths just crossed at the most perfect time of their engagement.  These two fun loving cats met in the summer of 2010 through some mutual friends and just hit it off after.  So basically, two and a half years ago. Since then, they still have so much fun together.  One of my favorite lines from David when we were first rolling the session was “this is gonna be awesome, I get to kiss you all the time now!”  And man, don’t they look good???? Just fantastic.

Looking forward to your wedding at the end of May you two!!!

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