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Joel and Emily’s engagement session in the Chicago Botanic Gardens!

June 26, 2011
Chicago Botanic Gardens
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So friday morning, I got to meet up with Joel, Emily, and Elise! (Joel’s sister)  We got in the park at a great time right when it opened so there was hardly anyone around.  This place was awesome.

I’ve known Joel for a whooollleee bunch of years now, and it’s been a great ride seeing how he’s growing up so fast.  It was really cool seeing him learn how to play the guitar so fast, working out and taking care of himself, and meeting this great girl Emily.  Emily was a lot of fun at the garden, being up for anything (as you can see).  Joel really did a great job finding an outstanding girl with an awesome personality.  It was really awesome seeing them together having just a ton of fun sitting/standing wherever and enjoying their company.

I’m super pumped for these two to get hitched soon!!  Congrats you guys!!!

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