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Dave and Christine’s Chicago engagement in Montrose Harbor

September 7, 2011
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So last sunday I got to hang out in some of the coolest spots in the northside of Chicago.  I had to mark some spots on my GPS when we parked because I wanted to make sure I could find my way back here!  Love the spots Dave and Christine picked!


Check it out.  The story of how Dave and Christine met is absolutely hilarious.  I hope it’s okay that I tell it because I enjoy it.  Christine had met a guy before that may have looked a little similar to her Dave, but obviously WASN’T Dave when she went up to him and started talking.  Ironically, the guy SHE thought she was talking to was also named Dave.  “Aren’t you Dave??”  “Well….yeah…but…”  Amazing.  Come on, that stuff only happens in movies!  This happened for real!!  Love it.


I kept saying over and over “ohh that’s SO adorable!”  because it’s legit.  I love the little moments Dave and Christine had.  They are really unique and fun to see together, and even with their crazy awesome dog! (Stanley right??) He was a big pocket of energy let me tell you.  So hilarious.  I wish I had another person capturing how I got some of the shots of the dog looking at me.  We totally had a party.


Keep an eye out for these two soon!  Wedding is next spring!  I am super jacked to photograph that and hang out with them some more!!

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