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Jeff and Jennifer Engagement in Adam’s park and all around Downtown Wheaton!

October 7, 2013
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This was a great evening to hang out with Jeff and Jen out in Adam’s Park.  I got to know their story a little bit before I met Jeff, and once I met him it alllllll made sense.  He’s from Dallas, and so this was a really great that we had a chance to do this!!!  So Jeff had Jen down in Dallas for her birthday. Cool right? He took her out, made her feel awesome (per usual in their relationship), and of course had some groovy birthday gifts. Jen’s enjoying her birthday and time with Jeff that she didn’t really have idea what her last gift would be. And then right away BAM Jeff’s proposing to Jen and completely blindsiding her. SO awesome!!!

I am so thrilled to be photographing their wedding next June!!!! They are such great people, and absolutely deserve each other.  I am so excited for them to be married and have each other for the rest of their lives. BOO yeah.



I absolutely love the amount of laughing that went down. They’re so dang great.




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