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Kurt and Jen’s engagement session in Chicago, and bringin along TOTO!

October 5, 2012
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What a great way to spend a sunday morning!!! Oh my gosh, Kurt and Jen are really great.  So we got to explore some groovy spots in Chicago with their energy ball of a dog Toto.  Look at that guy run around.  He was so much fun, and he stayed with us the whole time! Very well trained dog.


I was lucky enough to meet Kurt and Jen at Jen’s sister’s wedding, Heidi Aubin! (Her wedding was a little over two months ago already! Wow.)  If you look on the post, Kurt is totally busting a move on the floor, and Jen was a BLAST all day long.  I am so glad we  got connected and made this happen!!  They are such a great couple, and awesome people to be around.  They are absolute rockstars…really kind and fun to be around!!!  I really dig their relationship.  As most or at least some of you know, I study human communications (majored communications in college what up) which puts my mind in observation mode a lot.  They have a great blend in personalities that don’t overpower one another, but still cover a LOT of ground having different strengths.


Keep your eyes peeled for them coming up in Feb!!! We will be taking a little trip for their wedding! Should I say? Nah. You’ll find out soon enough.  I’m pumped.


More of their story to come!



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