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Adam and Bhavna’s Chicago Engagements at Olive Park!

June 6, 2013
Posted in: Engagements

What a FAB duo.  Adam and Bhavna are so much fun…and this is just a slice into their crazy awesomeness.  Our evening was just fantastic getting some neat scenes with the skyline, and then to a park where Adam proposed to Bhavna!! (Right on the swings!!!)  Their wedding is going to be so great, as it will be a fusion American-Indian style wedding!

These guys are some serious rockstars. Both went to UIC to better people’s lives (they’re doctors heyo!).  Now they are off in Pittsburgh to keep with their practices while still planning their wedding out HERE in the IL burbs!  I am so glad we got to spend some time hanging out and getting a thousand laughs echoing down the Chicago roads. Seriously, they are so dang fun…being goofy and really love spending time with each other.  I’ll straight up tell you that their fun and energy really lead this engagement session, I really was there to be a creep and freeze these great moments in time for them.  I can’t really ask for anything better.

Next April is going to be RADICAL you guys!!!  Excited for your wedding!

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