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There are tons and tons of hats a wedding photographer wears (so many great stories, just ASK), but one of the most prominent and important hats we wear is being problem solvers. One thing to assume on your wedding day is that there will be slight adjustments made throughout the day. Someone gets lost, a strap on a dress breaks, make-up took twice as long as expected, it’s raining, it’s too hot/cold outside for pictures… you name it. We thrive on these challenges. This is what we’re called to do, as we must rise to the occasion with any wrench in the plan. Not only to overcome the challenge, but to get even better pictures than we were originally planning to take.

We start at $3200, which the average couple spending $4200 to $5500 to achieve excellent coverage and story telling! Contact us anytime for collections and availability!


Wedding Collections start at $3200. Contact us to see the list of collections and to set up a consultation. That way we can talk more about your day, and figure out what would work best for you!

Once a consultation occurs, the day requested will be held for two weeks.

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