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Merrick and Kerry engagement in Chicago with tons of awesome exploration on rooftops and hotdog stands!

April 24, 2012
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YES!!!  I will say, Merrick and Kerry are so wicked awesome to hang out with me in Chicago on such a windy day.  I know you girls out there are with me when I feel for Kerry on this windy insanity of a day.  Hair everywhere.  But you know what? She was so cool about it and was up for anything.  Really groovy.  With the combo of that awesomeness, and Merrick being really enjoyable with just everything we were doing,  I was so glad to be with these two for the day.  Yeah, haha Merrick was all about exploring around for fun spots, putting themselves in crazy fun places. {yeah, working at RUSH hospital has certain advantages like getting on the roof…}


AND!!! Did you see that we had hotdogs? So great.  Got to hear some….interesting…stories from a worker there and just had a great time.


Both of these rockstars work in the medical field, and of course that’s kinda how they met {First at U of I}…but it’s really interesting how Merrick worked his magic.  HA, I absolutely love it. Look forward to that story….


I can’t wait for November 17th! Your story is so awesome, and I can’t wait to share that as it even grows more by then!


It’s shoots like these that really make me so happy to do this all the time. Congrats you two!!!

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