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Matt and Julia’s AWESOME Engagement session in Naperville… I quote, “I’m like a monkey” – Julia

July 17, 2011
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“Hey Julia, you wanna get on his ba-” “I’m like a monkey!” And boom.  She’s up in half a second on his back.  HA!







Oh my gosh I laughed so hard in Naperville.  Julia loves to laugh, and her laugh is conTAGIOUS! I love it.  And what’s really awesome is that Matt is hilarious TOO!  As you can tell, they’re both up for anything.  They love having fun, being with each other, and also walking around downtown Naperville!  It was so cute when Matt get Julia that enormous lollipop (whatever happened to it?? Did you guys finish it???).  Not only did it make a great prop for pictures, but that must’ve been a rewarding treat for being so awesome.  I’m super pumped for these two to get hitched October 1st!!!!  Wow is it going to be amazing.  I heard some about their families, and I can NOT wait for the celebration.  Let’s get this party started already!

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