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Trey and Mary’s Engagement session in the Lincoln Marsh!!!

June 12, 2013
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GAHHH!! This was way fun. I love Trey and Mary…and how great their relationship is.  When Mary first contact me on their wedding photography, I got a fantastic glimpse into their story. They have been dating since high school, both went to Wheaton College, and then got engaged at this bridge pictured below!! This is so dang cool, because it overlooks the baseball field…and Trey is a phenom player. Mary would be his top cheerleader and super supporter each game.  It’s perfect, because it relates to their upcoming life together where they both play important roles in Marriage: Trey being the radical leader to move them along, and Mary insanely supportive in their relationship.   They are a seriously impressive duo.


I am so glad we had the evening to get some groovy shots in the Marsh, grab a bite at Muldoons, and get a few more night shots when the lights came on! LOOK HOW GNARLEY THOSE ARE. Yeah exactly.  I am so dang jacked for October to show up and then we have a BLAST at College Church/Danada House!!! Congrats Trey and Mary!!!!

Time to even the score on height advantage…

The true relationship behind Cubs Vs. White Sox…

After a few fightin words….

You can’t help but to just hug it out…

And before you know it, you’re off walking hand in hand.

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