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Garrett and Wyntir’s Engagement in Long Grove, IL! TWO hilarious animations and awesomeness.

April 15, 2012
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Really cool sign at Beans and Leaves Coffee shop.  So true.





























Alright so first off before I unload how insanely fun this was…check out these two fun animations!!


The Fall




Garrett and Wyntir are wicked awesome.  With a super cool dog, (they’re getting married at Disney, hence the awesome collar) an amazing spot for our session, we couldn’t go wrong.  The weather seriously scared us all right up until we started taking pictures…and man am I glad we called the weather man’s bluff.


I love these two.  I straight up had sooo much fun getting to know them and ripping apart my abs from laughing so hard.  Seriously if you ever run in to them, be sure to chat them up.  Rockstars in their fields for sure.  I swear, the very first picture I got was the funniest face from both of them, and the last one was amazing as well.  And WOW did you see that ring?? Dude, good job Garrett…he said that he wanted to get something super different and kinda old school.  Nailed it.


Look for a few more from these two, as we have more to come!!!

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