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Nick and Kristen Engaged in Philadelphia, PA! Got to photograph at Washington Square park, and went back to their relational roots at University of Penn Law School!

September 30, 2013
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This was one rad day to spend in Philly. Plane lands at 3, Nick picks me up, we start shooting at 4.  Omigosh he lives in such an incredible area.  The first handful of shots are either outside his place, or a few blocks away.  We found some awesome spots with cool brick texture, and of course the Washington Square Park. Loads of history in that park, including the fact that it was once a cemetery (including the tomb of the unknown soldier)…so it’s interesting whenever they do some construction work….cause well, it kinda still IS a cemetery… :P

So obviously Nick and Kristen are crazy awesome.  Meeting at U of Penn Law school, they both have pursued awesome careers in the field and are still killin it.  (The last few pictures near the end was where they first had class together!)  Loads of fun just running around Philly with them.  I mean heck, after we were done taking pictures, it was so great to relax with them.  Honestly one of the coolest couples I know.  I am SO jacked to photograph their wedding this upcoming year out in IL!!!!!

PUMPED to hang with you guys more!!!! Maybe we can hang when you’re around for the holidays!


And then the adventure to U of Penn Law!!!!



SO…my plane got delayed like 5 hours to leave Philly, right? So dumb. BUT, because Nick and Kristen are so dang awesome, we had time to hang out more and eat some Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches at Pat’s! Super yum.  Haha, so of course I leave my camera gear in the car and still snagged a shot of them with my iPhone:



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