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Get the deets on Robb’s personality (if you haven’t figured that out already!), his shooting style, experience, that he hate nuts in brownies, and other completely relevant info.


We have A TON of location ideas, but it’s really up to you! Do you dig nature or more urban settings? Is there somewhere special to you? Let’s not get carried away with a cool place and for get the focus is YOU.
Read all of our location tips on this blog post.


What to avoid, what to consider, and why nothing on your head should be bigger than your face…
Read on for more rules aka and golden nuggets of photography wisdom.

how to act

“I know this is a professional shoot, so I didn’t want to joke about that and make a fool of myself.” Okay so this has never been said to me, and I never want it to. Within the first minute of us meeting, you’ll know right away I am a professional, but I’m also a human being. I love to have fun and laugh like anyone else….or more. During our shoot, I don’t want you to struggle with the balance of being goofy and serious for posing in pictures.
Here are a few tips from Robb on that topic…

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