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how to act

“I know this is a professional shoot, so I didn’t want to joke about that and make a fool of myself.”

Okay so this has never been said to me, and I never want it to. Within the first minute of us meeting, you’ll know right away I am a professional, but I’m also a human being. I love to have fun and laugh like anyone else….or more. During our shoot, I don’t want you to struggle with the balance of being goofy and serious for posing in pictures.

Here are a few tips on that topic.

Be yourself.

Always always ALWAYS be yourself. I know it takes a little time to warm up to people you don’t know for very long, but trust me, the more I get to know you, the better we can show the world your personality in these pictures. I don’t want to make you something you’re not. Everyone is special, unique, and awesome in their own right. By taking pictures, we’re just showing that off in an amplified and artistic fashion.

Don’t ever feel like you’re talking about yourself too much.

In order for me to get to know you well and display your personality in your pictures, I WANT you to talk about your life.  Anything you’re proud of, something you’re really working towards, what makes you tick, or gets you ticked.  I have questionnaires to help that process get started so we can dive in to the session, but any more info is a bonus.  You’d be surprised at what background and pose best describes personality traits.

Feel free to be active, but hold it!

When we’re walking around on location for another pose, enjoy your surroundings! If you love climbing trees, I’ll give you a leg up! Just let me capture some moments while doing so! If you enjoy blowing dandelions, perfect! Those are always awesome pictures.

Talking through the smile is tricky.

When I’ve actually got you in a pose and we’re in mid conversation, hold that thought for at least a few seconds. I usually will grab a few shots real fast so you can finish your sentence, then hold that big beautiful smile of yours. I promise, when I place you in a pose, it only last for a few seconds to a minute tops.

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