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Location Tips

“I’m not really sure where is a good place to go….I know of some parks or something….” Don’t you worry.  It’s easier than you think.  We always have ideas and places for just about anywhere…but the final call is up to you.  Here’s some things to think about when thinking of what you want in your location.

Do you dig nature or more urban settings?

Some locations even have both within a block or so, so we can easily get both. It’s up to you on what you like the most though!

If there’s somewhere special to you, that would be more important to be at than some other spot that looks really pretty.

We cannot stress over and over how we’re all about making this about you. Whatever tells your story best and amplifies your personality will be the best location to go to. Don’t be afraid to bring it up. Nothing is too stupid. Okay well, probably landfill is stup-…wait. That sounds awesome. Never mind. Let’s just get a dialogue on that going.

Some spots are cool…but make sure they’re not TOO cool.

Believe us, you are way cool, we know that. However, we don’t want you lost in an epic scene of Chicago skyscrapers and city life… and oh, there you are. You should never ever EVER be the afterthought in any image. You are the focus, the main subject, and the reason we’re out there in the first place. Also, it is helpful to know that the background will be slightly out of focus, as you will be super sharp in focus. (Here’s a free photography lesson from Robb: When location scouting, I will sometimes cross my eyes when I look at scenes to see what it will look like in an image.)

Shade makes everything nice.

Finding nice shady areas is a win for just about everyone. Not only does it provide perfect even lighting, but it keeps you cooled off in those super warm days. On bright sunny days, the sun casts shadows that are usually not too flattering on the face. So when it’s cloudy, it is actually the perfect time to take pictures (crazy, right?).

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