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wardrobe tips

“Ahh, should I bring this one along in case? I don’t have matching shoes for these pants but I looooove them!” When figuring out what to wear, there are a few things to keep in mind that may help you decide easily for the shoot.

Anything special? DO IT!

This is so important that we’ll put this first. This tip is the trump card that can beat out the rest of the tips below if it conflicts. If you have a meaningful shirt, top, jersey, or anything with significance, BRING IT! As you can tell, this is about you, and we need to tell the world who you are in images.

Avoid busy patterns and designs.

Not only does this clash with just about any background, it also distracts the attention away from the true subject. Solid colors show up best, as well as complimenting the subject.

If you are debating between a white shirt and another shirt, leave white at home.

White is usually the first thing to overexpose, which is distracting. This is not to say that you should never bring white, but this will just help you decide quicker, and will also make the post production work smoother. If you have a favorite white polo or cute white top, that’s okay! If you love it, we will! If you’re sold on your outfit, we promise we’ll rock out.

Nothing on your head should be bigger than your face.

Pretty simple. If you got flower clips you wanna wear, SWEET! However, if it fights for attention because it’s covering most of your head, we suggest it stay in your dresser at home. Baseball caps and such are in the same realm of battling for the viewer’s eye. If there’s a special meaning behind anything that may fall in this topic, talk to us about it and we’ll figure it out!

The more you prepare, the sooner the pictures will be ready.

Straight up. If you’re hair is nicely prepped, make up appropriate, and ALL that good stuff, then there is less time needed for post production. On the flip side, we have absolutely NO problem with touch ups, facial hair softening, and other things that can’t be addressed before the shoot.

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