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wedding faqs

What is your personality like on wedding days?

The shortest way to start: customizably bonkers.  I love it when people laugh, and enjoy the moment they are currently in.  I’ll be honest with you, I at first wasn’t so excited about doing the formal pictures part of the wedding day…and now it is really fun to get people entertained when they expect it to be boring and stiff.  Believe me, when I’m laughing and goofing off, I really think it’s a party.

What type of style do you photograph at weddings?

Glad you asked!  This is one thing that can be customized a little bit here or there, but it is mainly right between Photo Journalism and Direct posing. I love seeing the unique qualities that we ALL poses in one way, shape, or form.  When it comes to “posing” for weddings, I do my best to first see what you do. Yeah, I stalk you.  If you need direction, I am MORE than happy to help! Sometimes hands need to be moved slightly or heads rested on a shoulder, but for the most part I am here to show the world just how ridiculously awesome you are.

Why should I be interested in having you photograph my wedding?

I love to keep the energy going, laughing, jumping, backflipping, whatever it takes to make sure your wedding is amazing and a half.  It is more worth it to me seeing your wedding go perfectly with someone right for you. I will say, I am truly not for everyone.  I have met some absolutely amazing people over the years, and there are personality types that either click or don’t {Photographer joke 2 points}. This is all day that we will be around each other, it should be the best thing ever. Ever. With that, know that with the energy and ridiculousness comes quality.  I invest in high end gear to ensure the actual image is a sharp and clear shot.  And of course, no gear will save you if you don’t know what you’re doing behind it, and enjoy doing it…but it sure helps to have that issue minimize and out of the way.

Are you the main shooter?

If we meet to talk to about your wedding, yes absolutely. I also have inCREDIBLE associate photographers that you would meet with if desired.  This is my company, I make sure either myself or my very capable associate photographers take care you.

I’ve been to a wedding where you were shooting it. Do those camera toss shots really turn out?

Well. I dug through my archives and found a post I did on it in 2010. And I’ve been working on it even more. Check it out right here. You gotta have fun!!!

Is there anyone I can talk to and see how their experience was with you?

Absolutely!  You can contact any of my couples!  You can add me as a friend on facebook, like my fanpage, or any other social deal and see our interactions as well!! Just ask and I’ll send you any contact info! {I can ask them first so they aren’t surprised…}

Do you take photo requests?

Oh my goodness YES!!!  That is wonderful to know you care about your pictures, and the more you speak up the more we are getting what YOU want!  For the family formal portraits, we usually settle a decent list of people you would like before the wedding itself.  Anything else, please feel free to  shoot my way!

Break for a moment to enjoy the hilarity of this group of lads.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), or lifetime supply of Johnnie’s Beef.

How do I book you?

All of my contracts and billing info is on a secure website. From there, you can see what you need to pay (20% to reserve the date), how you can pay, and the status of your images! Each couple gets their own personal client page to log in to. It’s fun.

Do you enjoy coconut shavings on anything sweet, nuts in brownies, and/or fruit punch?

Absolutely not. None of those. What in the world why would you ask that? I have nothing against people who DO like them, but what the heck. That’s a really dumb question.

What about the “stuff” we can order like prints, canvas wraps, albums?

Ah yes!  Everything I photograph comes with an online gallery.  That has lots of fantastic options for prints and neat gifts.  Canvas wraps I love doing for people in a special order after the wedding. I would love to see what you new home looks like, so we know what kind of size and image would work nicely there! As for the album, I love giving time to the bride and groom to sit and enjoy the images first, so that there is a better idea of what pictures should make it in the book.  And of course, some of these nifty items come in the packages I offer already!

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