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Dan and Trisha Barsi married in Streator, IL!

December 25, 2012
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“Something Borrowed”

Same exact spot…two different camera settings. This is how I get down.

Hoooo eee! This was a fantastic day out in Streator!  I got the chance to meet up with Trisha a bit ago to talk about her wedding out in Morris…Dan was busy with the military and couldn’t make an appearance.  From the moment we started talking about the picture aspect of the day, I knew this would be fantastic.  She is such an excited person with lots of great ideas. Haha, Trisha wears her emotions on her sleeves, and being a happy and cheery person makes it so much more awesome.


We had plenty of time to check out the downtown Streator area for lots of fun shots to take.  Dan was a blast to be around, and his buds were up for anything (obviously) as well.  This guy is a total man’s man, always taking care of Trisha with giving up his coat, carrying her dress, and doing everything he can to make it happen.  I’m so glad I was able to get to know him more!


After the outdoor excursion, we headed into The Streator Country Club to celebrate the rest of the night! They are so much fun, and their friends and family are incredible as well. They ALL were a big part of it, and it was very obvious.  It was an absolute honor to be such a special part of the day!


Thank you, Dan and Trisha, for allowing me to be your photographer!!! Hope your secret location honeymoon is/was/will be amazing!!!



(Oh PS…this is the first wedding with the new Canon 5D Mark III’s. I felt like I was cheating all day with these suckers.)

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