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Michael Duquette Makes an Entrance to the World!

January 6, 2013

Haha! Oh my gosh….this is so dang cute.  Julia and Matt bought lil Mike some jeans, and well….

Lil big. :)

I hope you recognize these two!! This is kind of awesome for me, as I have been with these crazy cats for quite a few huge life events.  From their engagement session, to their WEDDING, we even got some preggo pictures, and now witness their Christmas gift Michael Raymond Duquette.  Michael is so incredible, and already showing features from mom and dad.  TEN DAYS OLD.  Crazy.

It was phenom seeing the Duquette family again, and hopefully we will find even more reasons to hang out again!!!! You guys are so great….hope you continue to enjoy one top notch Christmas gift!

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