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Adam and Bhavna Kost have their amazing Indian-American fusion wedding in Burr Ridge’s Chicago Marriott!

April 14, 2014
Burr Ridge
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Remember that unreal perfect day we had in IL the last April weekend? Yeah, Adam and Bhavna got ultra lucky. What an amazing day.

Clearly, this was a day full of amazing people, beautiful ceremonies, awesome color, and just a buckload of fun. Throughout the whole weekend, Adam and Bhavna have been enjoying each other and their families for their marriage. To say in short, this was no passing event. For those who aren’t sure about their wedding weekend, they had an amazing American-Indian Fusion wedding. It was an awesome blend of the two ceremonies into one.

Bhavna is so rad. We started off the day with her getting ready in a Marriott room…super chill and under control. It was great to see all the jewelry and wraps she would be putting on as the day started. I absolutely love learning the culture, and the meaning behind things. Oh my gosh, and the outfit change is amazing as well!!! The dress (pictured below) I SWEAR had to have weighed over 40 pounds. And she is a champ to take that on. Super impressive.  She has such a darn good sense of humor, and knows how to have a ton of fun. She loves her friends and family dearly, and I’m just glad so many were able to be a part of this wedding!

ADAM. Oh my gosh he is awesome. Not only did he have a good attitude whenever he was a part of the many rituals over the weekend, but he really was into it. He is a super supportive guy, and he was always ready for anything when we progressed through the day. Really, he was straight up just having a great time.

They both just have a lot of friends family. Holy cow. It was a bonkers party, and it was an absolute honor to be a part of this incredible celebration. Congrats Adam and Bhavna!!! I hope you guys are back in PA all safe and sound! I can only imagine a conversation:  “Oh hey Bhavna! How was your weekend?” “Oh, thought I’d catch a flight to Chicago real quick, get married. You know.”   “………what?”


Found his name!!!


Adam’s shoes disappeared! I guess he’s gotta pay up….






Big fan of this dude. He BROUGHT it.




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