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Dustin and Faith’s Engagements on Missouri Baptist University grounds!

Apr. 11, 2014
Missouri Baptist University
Posted in: Engagements

What’s so great about the picture above is their wrist bands….they just got in from Comic Con! So awesome.

This was great. Obviously there’s some importance to photographing out in Missouri Baptist University. Even though Dustin is involved with Counseling and Faith is up to her ears in Bio and Chem awesomeness, these two just HIT IT OFF out in MBU’s campus. They are such a delight to be with, laughing the whole time. It was so great to be with them at their stomping grounds to visit all the places they enjoyed spending time together. Fun parks, the trails, and just around the actual campus. I am SO excited for their wedding coming up this year!! They deserve each other and all the happiness that their relationship brings.

WOOO See you cats in a few months!!!!






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