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Joe and Corinne Engaged!

Apr. 26, 2014
Osaka (Japanese) Gardens Chicago, IL
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Joe and Corinne are a big barrel of fun. We had an absolute blast in the Japanese Gardens, and we even got a puppy appearance for a few shots!!! He was so adorbs. I am so glad we got some super cute ones with em. What a trooper.

Having some fun with them this session makes me SO freaking excited for their wedding coming up in a few months! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these two, oh my gosh it’s going to be BONKERS and a half. They are going to have themselves are great party. I’m pumped for you guys!!!!


JoeAndCorinne0003 JoeAndCorinne0004 JoeAndCorinne0005 JoeAndCorinne0006 JoeAndCorinne0007 JoeAndCorinne0008 JoeAndCorinne0009 JoeAndCorinne0010 JoeAndCorinne0011 JoeAndCorinne0012 JoeAndCorinne0013 JoeAndCorinne0014 JoeAndCorinne0015 JoeAndCorinne0016 JoeAndCorinne0017 JoeAndCorinne0018 JoeAndCorinne0019 JoeAndCorinne0020 JoeAndCorinne0021

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