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Noah Hathaway’s colorful newborn session!

May 4, 2012














I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Josh “Velvet” Hathaway for a number of years while we play music for a youth group’s winter retreat.  When we first met, he was engaged to Jill.  The next year we played, he got hitched.  The next year, his marriage grew stronger.  And just this past time in January, he was preparing to be a dad.  It’s so interesting to hear stories about someone for years without ever meeting them; because once you do, you feel like you’ve been buds the whole time you’ve heard about them.  When I met Jill, all the awesome stories I’ve heard solidified into this groovy individual.  As you can tell, they are both super creative and artsy people, and some wonderful bundles of goodness to add to their family.


Isn’t Noah just insanely precious?  Gosh, I really hope I can keep referring back to these posts and cross check my guesses of their personalities as they grow up.  OOooooo the ideas.


But anyway, here’s just a few to wet your taste buds of the Hathaways!!!

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