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Dan and Tori Duquette married in Warrenville and partied in Cantigny! Roll the dice with the weather and score BIG time!

April 29, 2012
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You may recognize these two, and many other people at this wedding from all sorts of other shoots I’ve had recently!  See if you can name them all! {If you’re involved, you’re not allowed to guess!}


I love Dan and Tori.  I actually first met them at Dan’s brothers wedding {HINT} last year {ANOTHER HINT}.  They are SUCH an incredible crew of people who really know how to love and have a BLAST.  So when they were planning their wedding, they may have remembered some nutjob of a photographer that totally was a sucker for these people.  {regardless if they may or may not have already had another photographer booked…}  I am so lucky to know them. :)


So you got that this was at Cantigny, right?  Well, not only did Dan work there before, but they had their first date there!  Yeah!! Haha oh my gosh first we were {or at least I was for DAYS} worried about the weather for their wedding.  Rain was nothing short of promised for all day.  So, instead of being down on her luck, Tori was prepared to walk around outside in umbrellas, take a few quick pictures, and go inside.  And that’s it.  No no, instead, we got the best sky possible, incredible temperature, and a whole afternoon to enjoy ourselves in this outstanding park.  Dan, of course, led the way to our different spots for pictures.


Their personalities are so addicting.  Scroll back up a bit if you don’t remember…  One of my favorite pictures {there’s quite a few favs obviously} is during the ceremony when Tori was looking at Dan.  I’m sure everyone always says these sorts of things, but I really DO love how they look at each other in their own unique way…and just beam ear to ear.  Their personalities together are like when a girl puts the right amount of make up on, or a dude gets the right kind of facial hair {if any}… compliments the person so well without changing who they truly are.  They are both SO amazing, loads of fun, and really easy to be yourself around.  I really can’t type enough great things about them without getting cramps, so I hope these barrels of pictures and broken sentences will give you an idea.  Believe me, these are some people you really want to run in to.


Congrats Dan and Tori!!! Thank you so much for having me be your photographer for your wedding, and giving me the chance to hang out with your incredible families!!!  Have fun on the east coast!!!


Ceremony:                                St. Irene Warrenville, IL

Reception:                                Cantigny Park

Cake:                                          Cocoa Bean

DJ:                                             State Street Entertainment

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