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Carter Hoegh taking after his parents with the best facial expressions.

April 2, 2012




























Yeah, insane.  I’ve known Josh and Melissa for a few years now. {Holy cow Josh, almost eight years now???} Regardless, they just had a kid recently, and I had to see him.  Carter is SO hilarious, with the funniest faces {as you can plainly see}.  I really do have the best job, because I can “hang out” with friends and still get some really fun pictures all at the same time.


You just wait.  I’m waiting for Carter’s musical/acting/modeling career to just explode.  Then I can claim that I took his picture when he’s huge.  Seriously, he has no choice but to do something awesome with himself.  His pop has one of the most incredible singing voices, INSANELY artistic in every way {I taught him like, two things in photoshop and he freaking RAN with it…he’s incredible}, and of course has the acting skills like you wouldn’t believe.  His momma also sings beaaauuutifully, {they both sang at their wedding!!} and can freaking act too!!  She’s been in a ton of plays and rocked em.  So really, this kid has no limits, and all the pressure in the world.  At least from me, because  his parents are that talented.  Good luck Carter.


Sorry I just scrolled back up to look through the pictures and completely laughed out loud at some of these ridiculous faces.  SERIOUSLY what the heck this is too funny.  Anyway, I’ll let you all get at your day, I just wanted to share and brag a little about Carter.  Quick, someone add his profile on Wikipedia.

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