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Gianna Clair…soooo precious and WOW do I love the Clair’s!

April 6, 2012























Love Jay and Lucia.  And Eli.  And now Gianna.  This fam is insanely incredible.  I’ve known Jay and Lucia for many years…and actually fairly separate.  I could literally fill this post with hilarious memories from knowing both, but I’ll try to keep it in.  Ask me sometime though, cause you may want some stories.


…Okay okay so Jay helped me and a few dudes move a fridge one day.  Actually, Jay moved it.  This kid disappeared for a few minutes as we were all talking, and then out of nowhere this dude comes barreling down the hall with this huge fridge on his back. {I think? Gosh I can’t even remember how he did that}  But yeah, he’s got a big heart.  Straight up.  Yeah yeah he’s a bit taller so logic says it should be bigger. Okay stop no it’s incredible how much love comes from this guy.  His wife, Lucia, has probably one of the best senses of humor.  One of those things that I’m trying to figure out if she’s always just been around lots of people or what, but she has a super high tolerance for human existence.  Like when Eli goes bonkers or something, she just laughs at how ridiculous he is.  Most parents you would see would freak out when their kid would run around, just…being a kid.  So having the “mommy confidence” is always super cool to see.


And heck, with both kids, you can see the amazing features from the parents combined.  Jay’s pretty blue eyes, with Lucia’s eye shape.  WHOA.  This family is going to be way too good looking for one household.


Gianna was so easy to handle.  She can sleep through any kind of natural disaster, and even be shifted around without even stirring.  Insane.  I guess it can be hereditary for kids to not freak out easily.  AND she is soooo precious.  Her dark hair and light eyes are just stellar.  Whew.  Alright, I need to stop so you can go back up and look at them again.  That’s what I’m doing.


Hey happy Good Friday/Easter weekend everyone!!  Go be with someone you care about!

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