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Jereme and Ashley Groeninger Married at the Rail Golf course in Springfield, IL!

June 24, 2013
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These two first locked eyes at a New Years party a few years back. Super adorable story in itself there. Fast forward two and a half years, here we are.  The weather was like that one invited guest to a party that no one knows what will happen with them next. Mad props to all involved for moving stuff around, as we had it planned for outside, moved in, then back out after the rain stopped! Super glad it stopped, because this wedding was unreal. Lots of super fun pictures, great food, and an amazing party in the tent. I really laughed my head off when they all cut loose on the dance floor.


Ashley’s sense of humor is pretty radical. She’s super enjoyable to be around, and always has a pretty dang great attitude. Seeing her with Jereme and how great their relationship is, it all just makes sense.
I’ve known Jereme for a few years, meeting first at Judson. Wow he grew up fast, and into such a groovy dude. I am so happy for him, and super honored to photograph the wedding!


Congrats to you guys!! I hope your marriage continues to be blessed and just a big bag of awesomeness.




Coolest. Crew. Ever.


The title “Go hard or go home” can’t even begin to label this guy.

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