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Sister and cousin both made babies. This is how dang cute these two kids are.

by Robb Davidson

Mar. 17, 2014


OMG. Babies. Love it. And they potentially have a little bit of my DNA. Wow.  So the first bit is lil Thalia Heavey. My cousin’s. Get ready for this set of awesomeness.




Uh yes, that is in fact a surfboard.


Groovy. YES. And so this next set of turbo greatness is my sister’s bundle of love sweet Elena Politano. Omigosh so perfect. Fun thing, we shot these on the chair my grandpa used to always sit/nap/hibernate on.


The trademarked Gunsteen face. Doesn’t get any better.


Kinda hilarious. This doll on top of sweet Elena is Joanna’s from her childhood. I think this is just pretty dang awesome.


Of course I took a buncha ridiculous selfies with these amazing babies. Go to my instagram feed for them: Robb Davidson littering the internet with more pictures

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