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Mike Zubik and Jenny Begich married in Dominican University, and DANCED the rest of the day at Concordia!

May 24, 2012
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“Don’t worry Robb! I got your back!!”  HAHAHAHAHA amazing.











































Wait what….?








HILARIOUS morning with the ladies, and awesome hangouts with the dudes.  Right off the bat, I noticed the superior brains in this crowd. The super quick wit, clever comebacks, and brilliant overall thought processes blew me away.


I actually went to the same high school as Jenny {Maine South in Park Ridge}, and believe me she has always been one of the best with clever little statements that would leave you laughing.  The more you think about what was said, the better it gets.  Amazing.  I WOULD put a great little comment Jenny said to her new husband to demonstrate how well her brain works, but I’ll let her tell you if you ask.  I’m still laughing.


So the ladies got all dolled up in Park Ridge, and then headed out to Dominican University.  This place was wicked awesome {Jenny also works here!} with really neat unique buildings and spaces to hang out.  Checkered floors are just WICKED cool.  They really do make for some awesome and original pictures.


Freaking Mike/Michael.  Love this dude.  Funny, he’s actually the …fifth?…. Michael in the family now.  He’s seriously an awesome human salad of the best ingredients.  He’s got the tech mind, knowing his stuff in that realm, and at the same time he is super active in all sorts of sports. He’s crazy.  If you tried to pick on him, good luck, he could beat you down, or insult you without you even knowing it for weeks.  Yes, his brain is also a super brain like Jenny’s.  I’m actually a little worried right now as I write all this that the post will be riddled with all sorts of grammatical errors and missed opportunities to be super clever {my mom helps me with the grammar/grammer…which is it???}. Whatever, they’re the ones that are turbo blessed with that characteristic.


We had a wonderful day with loads of dancing at the end. DID YOU SEE THAT GIRL WITH NO LEGS??? Okay, she has legs…just looked funny. Catching the moments at their most interesting times….priceless.


Congrats you two!! I can’t thank you enough for a great day!

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