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Dave and Christine Reznicek married in Chicago! Battled the NATO Craziness, and Won on Many Levels!

May 21, 2012
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As you all probably know, NATO came by over this weekend and shook things up a bit in Chicago.  Businesses told their employees to not even bother coming in, as traffic and security would be relentless.  So with that, Chicago was a super Ghost town.  We got around for pictures in nearly record time!


I am super envious and Dave and Christine for having their wedding around a historical time, and getting some pictures to show that! Not only is this historical in America’s time, but in their own as well.


As we trucked around the city for pictures, they totally hooked up their bridal party with some killer pretzel bread sandwiches and drinks.  Freaking thoughtful.  We rolled around for a bit in this 89 degree weather, and not one person was bothered.  It was really cool to see that Dave and Christine really surround themselves with great people that would do just about anything for {to} them.


But seriously, what a fantastic day. Beautiful ceremony, tons of fun spots to travel to, great dancing, amazing people…we had the best time.


Really enjoyed myself with these two. Oh! If you wanna know their story of how they met, be sure to look back to their engagement session. It’s terrif.


Congrats you two! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day! ENJOY HAIWAII!

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