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Michael and Sarah Salemi Married!

Aug. 2, 2014
Valley Lo Country Club
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We had ourselves a blast. Right from the get go, this day was just full of excitement and ridiculousness. It was turbo awesome.  Sarah was so excited for the day to unfold, and was still relaxed (or at least on the outside :) ).  Sarah has that kind of laugh that makes you want to know right away what was so funny so you can be a part of it. It’s just terrific. It was great starting the day off with her and her girls just hanging out and having a great time.

Then at the church, Michael was ready for this to finally happen. He’s a great freaking dude. He has perfect timing with his humor, and knows how to make you feel great about yourself. Each person that came in to the church felt that awesome presence. And his dudes are hilarious and a half. You’ll see in the pictures what I mean….they’re a friggen riot.

Michael and Sarah’s wedding was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (soooo pretty in there), and then we headed out to Gallery Park! Loads of great shots, hilarious moments, and awesome places to be there for some rad pictures. This crew made it happen.

All night long, we had ourselves a radical party. Lots of really awesome people both on the dance floor, and around the whole Country Club that I got to hang out with/photograph. What a night.

It’s been an honor to be a part of this wedding. Congrats Michael and Sarah!!! Thanks so much for being so AWESOME!!!/p>Salemi0001 Salemi0002 Salemi0003 Salemi0004 Salemi0005 Salemi0006 Salemi0007 Salemi0008 Salemi0009 Salemi0010 Salemi0011 Salemi0012 Salemi0013 Salemi0014 Salemi0015 Salemi0016 Salemi0017 Salemi0018 Salemi0019 Salemi0020 Salemi0021 Salemi0022 Salemi0023 Salemi0024 Salemi0025 Salemi0026 Salemi0027 Salemi0028 Salemi0029 Salemi0030 Salemi0031 Salemi0032 Salemi0033 Salemi0034 Salemi0035 Salemi0036 Salemi0037 Salemi0038 Salemi0039 Salemi0040 Salemi0041 Salemi0042 Salemi0043 Salemi0044 Salemi0045 Salemi0046 Salemi0047 Salemi0048 Salemi0049 Salemi0050 Salemi0051 Salemi0052 Salemi0053 Salemi0054 Salemi0055 Salemi0056 Salemi0057 Salemi0058 Salemi0059 Salemi0060 Salemi0061 Salemi0062 Salemi0063 Salemi0064 Salemi0065 Salemi0066 Salemi0067 Salemi0068 Salemi0069 Salemi0070 Salemi0071 Salemi0072 Salemi0073 Salemi0074 Salemi0075 Salemi0076 Salemi0077 Salemi0078 Salemi0079 Salemi0080 Salemi0081 Salemi0082 Salemi0083 Salemi0084 Salemi0085 Salemi0086 Salemi0087 Salemi0088 Salemi0089 Salemi0090 Salemi0091 Salemi0092 Salemi0093 Salemi0094 Salemi0095 Salemi0096 Salemi0097 Salemi0098 Salemi0099 Salemi0100 Salemi0101 Salemi0102 Salemi0103img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-13889 first” src=”” alt=”Salemi0105″ width=”1200″ height=”800″> Salemi0106 Salemi0107 Salemi0108 Salemi0109 Salemi0110 Salemi0111 Salemi0112 Salemi0113Salemi0104

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