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Justen and Ali Engaged, Part TWO!!!

August 10, 2014
St. James farm
Posted in: Engagements

And they all said it couldn’t be done. The first round of Justen and Ali’s engagement pictures were a blast for sure….but then we kicked it up a few notches. It got outta control in a good way.JustenAndAli20001 JustenAndAli20002 JustenAndAli20003 JustenAndAli20004 JustenAndAli20005

Can we say Hashtag crossfit???JustenAndAli20006 JustenAndAli20007 JustenAndAli20008

POCKETS!!!!!!JustenAndAli20009 JustenAndAli20010 JustenAndAli20011 JustenAndAli20012 JustenAndAli20013 JustenAndAli20014 JustenAndAli20015 JustenAndAli20016 JustenAndAli20017 JustenAndAli20018 JustenAndAli20019 JustenAndAli20020JustenAndAli20022 JustenAndAli20021

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