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Matt and Jessica Sauter are FINALLY married! Oh my goodness an amazing outdoor excursion for the best people ever.

October 22, 2012
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Good gravy, here it is.  I love Matt and Jessica.  You can even read more about that in their engagement session post!


Yes. It’s true. I have a couple crush. These two are dynamo.  Both Matt and Jessica ROCKED the wardrobe with Matt throwing on a killer suit (CUSTOM STICHING…did you see that???) and Jess with a GORGEOUS well fitted dress.  Oh my gosh, stunning.  Their emotions and love was so pure and amazing…I just couldn’t get enough of it.  All day I had the pleasure of being around these two yahoos and kept feeling a bit of what they were so obviously feeling. Oh my gosh.  And their FAMILY. BOTH of them had some crazy awesome people at their side that really made this day happen. Gah I love it.


Mad props right off the bat to Jess for throwing on the boots and schlepping around the fields.  WOW she is outstanding.  And if you really think about it, this was just proof that Jess is one of a kind that is SO dang caring and fun to be able to do this.  Really, I could not get over her sense of humor and happiness all day.  Gosh she’s great.


ANNNND then there’s Matthew. His brain works so dang well that it makes me giddy.  There are pictures that may or may not have been captured that caught us red handed in bromance.  He’s such a solid dude, cares for Jess like no other, and brings joy to everyone. I really mean that.


Everyone at their wedding were so in love with them.  Unreal.  Loved it. I’m just so dang glad I got to be with them all day, and we will be hanging out a TON afterwards!!!  Mad props ALSO to Maggtron for being with us and getting some AMAZING pictures too!! HOLY cow they are wonderful. Thanks so much to you all for this unbelievable day.


Congrats Matt and Jess!!!! Love you Sauters.


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