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Joe and Victoria married in Oak Park Unity Temple, and rocked the night at Furama in Chinatown!

October 16, 2012
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CHECK IT OUT!!! Melissa Wong (red dress on right) made alllll these desserts BY HAND! Unreal. Nicely done Sweetly Ever After Bake Shoppe!

This was a really cool weekend to be a part of, starting with the rehearsal Tea Ceremony on Friday (day before their wedding).  A big part of this night was to show respect and honor to the elders in the family.  The details were so cool to get shots of too!!


The next day, of course it rained. However, everything we did worked out so perfectly, like this was how it was supposed to be! Victoria was just as peachy as ever, from sunrise to sunset.  Their first look moment was in the Oak Park Conservatory, which was such a smart plan to have in case in rained.  We still got some of the best lighting conditions, even though it was raining outside.  So amazing.  Everyone has their own preference on having a first look, or keeping it traditional on seeing each other for the first time down the aisle.  Both have plus and minuses.  For Joe and Victoria, this was perfect.  Their first moment together was so incredible, I was so honored to be there with them.  Nothing you see here was mechanical or orchestrated; this was all them.  After we did all the family pics, we were off to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple (apparently the only religious building he designed!).


The ceremony was beautiful.  Hundreds of friends and family gathered for the occasion.  Lots of different cultures and languages represented in the ceremony to bless them and with them good luck for the future.  Amazing.


THEN we threw down. WOW what a party at Furama!!! Over 300 people present to occupy the dance floor, and hit up the amazing dessert table.  Wow. What a night.  Great customs and rituals, amazing people, and sweet romance.  It doesn’t get any better.


Thank you so much Joe and Victoria!!! I loved learning so many great things about all the different cultures! Have fun together!!


{Mad props to Kevin Sherman for coming in to grab some great group shots!! What a life saver.}

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