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Jon and Erin Marshall married at Blanchard Alliance Church, and kicked it at the Wilder Mansion!

February 25, 2014
Blanchard Alliance Church
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Well. It happened. It really happened. Jon and Erin are hitched, and that’s that. This day was so so so fun. I absolutely adore Jon and Erin. Why you ask? Here’s why.

Erin’s laugh not only sounds awesome, but looks so endearing in pictures. And it goes right in line with her personality – a fun loving, endearing, awesome person. The MINUTE I greeted her, she was just so dang happy and ready to roll.

Jon’s humor has seriously the best heat seeking missile to my funny bone. ¬†This whole planning process with them has been so much fun when we meet, because I know that I’ll be getting a healthy dose of awesome wit outta Jon.

And let’s be honest with ourselves. They are just stunning individuals. Stunning. Ha, not like I need to tell them that, they just should clearly know by now. Everyone around them care for them so much, and were rooting for them the whole relationship. Yeah wow, they know a lot of great people. I loved getting to know more of their friends and family, seeing some old friends, making new ones….this was really an amazing crowd. Which makes sense. Jon and Erin are just amazing, and that generally attracts like minded people.

I am so insanely happy for these two, and honored to be a part of their wedding!! Congrats you two!

Mega super thanks to Sarah Blesener for coming out to second shoot with me at this wedding! I’m glad you were able to come and tear it up with me.




“A busy body is a happy body.”



Uuummm, awesome.



“Jon! Quick! Erin’s coming! We need to hide you in the back!” ¬†….Jon found a tambourine.





Gosh. You can never tell someone is stunning enough.



Super crazy yum dessert table…thanks to Sweet Street!


Obviously my hero.


Father of the bride comin up all sorts of winning.




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