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Bill and Lauren Boaz hitched out in Park Place Crystal Lake, IL!!!

August 19, 2013
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This day was incredible!!! I’ve known Lauren for a few years, as we met working at Card N’ Camera in Elgin when I was in College.  Oh my gosh. Ooohhh Lauren…I still think it’s funny that I photographed your wedding. Ready for the reason why? Well, as Lauren and I worked at Card N’ Camera, she would be talking about this rad dude Bill she was dating. High school sweethearts. Awww, adorable. Yeah well…I thought it’d be more funny to say that those never last. What a sport too, as she took my teasing like a CHAMP and here we are. I am SO legitimately happy and excited for the Boaz’s!!!

Bill is a rad dude that I’ve had the chance to get know as we’ve worked with this wedding planning ordeal. He’s just a freaking super fun dude that works real hard and has a ball.  It totally makes sense as to why Lauren is just nuts about him.  And same goes the other way, as Lauren is one of the nicest chicks around. Besides my story of heckling, she’s so dang easy going and loves the people in her life. Together, they are one heckuva force.

They got hitched at Park Place, and then danced the night away in the same spot! The weather was ridiculously perfect.  The people were so dang fun. The memories are forever remembered and enjoyed.  Thank you Bill and Lauren again for letting me crash your party!!!! It was an honor and big barrel of fun!








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