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Aaron and Julie Becker married in Palatine, IL…incredible live band at the reception, and Aaron JAMMED on the drums!!!

November 6, 2011
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I absolutely love Aaron and Julie.  If you have been watching my blog over the recent year, you may recognize them.  From two other weddings, they’ve been either guests or a part of the wedding party!  They’re so great.


As you can tell, Aaron is a drummer, and a DARN GOOD ONE.  He’s played at Water’s Edge Bible Church where I’ve also played at.  (Such a small world we live in!) Aaron is legit.  You can tell that he makes friends everywhere he goes…and develops on those friendships like it’s his job.  I would say he’s the best mix of a guy that cares about people until it kills him, and also appreciates and utilizes his time alone.  One of the places he spends a good deal of time at was where he purposed to Julie! This is a dude you just want to hang out with and do anything.


Julie, of course, matches perfectly.  Not only is she the most polite person I’ve known (seriously she thanked me over 39763 times when we took pictures), but also caring to the max.  Julie has a sweet job working at Awana…and those people are just wicked awesome to be around.  She’s also gone on mission trips to Louisiana to help prisoners reconnect with their families…..which is mind blowing in itself to think of how tough and challenging that must be.  Knowing all this, it just makes sense that these two are together.


I think we’re going on a little over eight years of these two knowing each other, yes? Yeah crazy awesome story.  Gosh, they’re so great. So fun. So loving.  So pretty.  Which makes my “job” that much more fun/enjoyable/amazing/easy/hilarious/rewarding.  Congrats you two!! I loved being with you guys and looking forward to jamming again soon!!


Wedding coordinator: Events by Michayla (super helpful but not a uptight pace either!  Really awesome)

Flowers: Forget Me Not Floral Design (super impressive flowers at the church and a great person to be around!)

Cake Artist: The Baking Institute (Outstanding cake….they were there early!)


Reception Hall: The Cotillion (Great venue, awesome spots outside for some pictures as well as an incredible inside…obviously.  Wonderful staff.)

Reception music: Standing Room Only Orchestra (These guys are AMAZING! All have insanely cool personalities and talented by the bucket loads. Worth it.)

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