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The Lovato Family in Strawberry Farms…The turbo ultra outstanding family of CA.

January 25, 2012



Right off the bat, this is Jackie Lovato’s family of Lovato Images. ( She’s amazing.  Okay, here comes a lot of writing.  Sorry. {kind of}


I had the highest of high privileges of photographing the Lovato’s in Strawberry Farms out in Orange County, CA.  Super cool place to hangout at for sure…as you can tell I’m sure.


Leo. {the dad}  This guy is such an amazing guy to know.  Each time I get hang with the big guy, I have this sense of encouragement and importance.  I hardly met him for two minutes last year and he was already giving me awesome encouragement about enjoying the moments of having a photography business.  Along with that, he asked me so many great questions about myself that made me really feel like I mattered to him a lot.  And of course, seeing him as a loving leader of the pack is inspiring as all heck.


Carol. {the mom}  She can be anyone’s mom away from mom.  Straight up geared to love.  It was so adorable; the morning of a wedding Jackie and I were going to photograph Carol was making us breakfast.  Not ONLY can she cook up in a whirlwind, but does it oh so well.  Turbo legit.  Anytime I sat down for a meal on a baptismal shoot Jackie and I were on she would always ask if I need anything food/drink/happiness.  HEY look back up at the Abbey Road wanna be picture.  Did you see Carol’s feet? YEAH.  She was so into it.  When the shot was suggested, she jumped on the chance to get her shoes off.  She is so dang fun.  Seriously, I really love it.


Nick. {the bro}  I only met Nick this time around for the family shoot, so my first impression of him is easily in my brain.  Yeah, he’s a pretty tall dude, right?  It was really cool that during our shoot (going in between spots) he would talk to Leo about his phone and some improvements he could do with it.  Course I had to jump on that too so I could have my phone battery last longer than 5 hours.  Woof.  He totally knows his tech stuff.  You know what else? I love this, for a few of these last setups in the shoot, Nick was just coming up with some groovy ideas and spots to get our last bit of the day.  So it was just super neat to see Nick so pumped for our session.  Rock.


Jackie.  {the sis}  Not enough can be said about Lovato. (Sorry, confusing, I just call her that)  One of the best mixes in personality with the caring, go get em attitude, humble, upfront, and all around crazy awesomeness included.  She took the few days I was out there off to make my California an experience I’d always remember.  From all the amazing food she cooked (like the 10pm bodacious bison burgers), to the LA trips, awesome hangouts with other awesome friends and her fam, to even just a day inside to work on photography business stuff.  But straight up, this cat is legit.  She is an amazing photographer with a very distinct style.  Within that, her “on shoot” presence is so great.  It’s kinda like professionally hanging out doing awesome things in front of a camera.  She is incredible at making people feel so good about themselves, and bringing out the BEST in them.  Straight up GO TO HER SITE if you haven’t already and be blown away.


Okay, wow sorry this is long.  Longest I’ve written.  Well go figure.


Thank you guys SO much for taking me in and really showing what it’s all about to be the coolest and most caring family!  Hope the picture do you some justice on your awesomenivity.

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