Robb Davidson Photography

Grayson Ryan Thurston

January 31, 2012


Check out Grayson’s AWESOME mohawk!!!! YES!!!!!  I fell in love within seconds. Nay, a second.


Lil Grayson Thurston is just shy of a month old.  Soooo adorable.  This was timed perfectly by the great minds of Steve and Brooke Thurston.  Right when I got there, Grayson’s temperament was just awesome.   And yeah, it sure doesn’t stink that he loves looking out windows, right?? And how THUG is he with that awesome Cubs cap? Right after this shoot, I saw a few kids walking around Wheaton that reminded me of that same pose.  Hilarious.


One of my favorite shots was when Grayson was looking right at his momma Brooke.  Right before this, he wasn’t too thrilled when I was up in his grill.  Within a swoop, Grayson was up in momma’s arms.  Everything was right as rain.


There’s something so comforting about a mother’s touch.  Always a treat to be able to capture that too.  Very cool.


Thank you Steve and Brooke for opening up your home (which is within a block of my home…WEIRD) so I can snap away at Grayson!  More to come from this clan!!

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