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Kate Shikany’s Senior Portrait!

by Robb Davidson

St. James Farm Warrenville, IL

May. 4, 2014



We had ourselves a super fun time out here in St. James Farm. It was cool for Kate to be back in here, as she ran through this place for track back in the day!

Kate is a rockstar. I’m so jacked for her to head off to college with her crazy double major, and still somehow find time to have any kind social whatevers. Kudos to you Kate, cause that’s something I never really figured out with ONE major. Super ambitious.

KateShikany0002 KateShikany0003 KateShikany0004 KateShikany0005 KateShikany0006 KateShikany0007 KateShikany0008 KateShikany0009 KateShikany0010 KateShikany0011 KateShikany0012 KateShikany0013 KateShikany0014 KateShikany0015

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