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The Chelsens welcome a fifth member to the Family!

September 1, 2014

Oh my gosh. So excited for the newest member to the Chelsen clan, Everly June!! Allllllmost three months old! So fun watching everyone grow up more as well…seeing their personalities REALLY come out fast. Pretty much side splitting while being around them. I’m glad we also keep a consistent shot going to see the change each year!! (Try and find last time!) I seriously get so pumped on the way out to photograph them that I can’t sit still. They just keep getting better./p>Chelsen2014-0001 Chelsen2014-0002 Chelsen2014-0003 Chelsen2014-0004 Chelsen2014-0005 Chelsen2014-0006 Chelsen2014-0017 Chelsen2014-0018 Chelsen2014-0007 Chelsen2014-0008 Chelsen2014-0009 Chelsen2014-0010 Chelsen2014-0011 Chelsen2014-0012 Chelsen2014-0013 Chelsen2014-0014

Hahahahahahaha This is hilarious.

Chelsen2014-0015 Chelsen2014-0016 Chelsen2014-0019 Chelsen2014-0020 Chelsen2014-0021 Chelsen2014-0022 Chelsen2014-0023 Chelsen2014-0025 Chelsen2014-0026 Chelsen2014-0027

“Here’s lookin at you, kid.”

Chelsen2014-0028 Chelsen2014-0029 Chelsen2014-0024

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