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The Henderson Family!

by Robb Davidson

St. James farm

Aug. 18, 2014


So thrilled to photograph and hang out with the Hendersons! They’re such great people, and I’m so excited for their crew to grow in numbers….Cause I mean really, we could all use a few more Henderson’s around here. And holy cow, Taylor had lil Wyatt in June and here we are taking pictures. Two months and looking awesome. Well done everybody, that’s most impressive. Not to mention, Zac has been awesome with helping me on mortgage stuff. If you ever need someone to get that rolling for you, look no further than this guy. I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be around. WIN.

Henderson0001 Henderson0002 Henderson0003 Henderson0004 Henderson0005 Henderson0008 Henderson0006 Henderson0009 Henderson0007 Henderson0010 Henderson0011 Henderson0013 Henderson0012 Henderson0015 Henderson0014 Henderson0016 Henderson0017

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