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Laufenberg Family!

by Robb Davidson

December 9, 2013



YES!!!!! I absolutely adore the Laufenbergs. I don’t know if you recognize a few characters here, but there HAVE been some sitings of these crazy cats in previous events I’ve had the pleasure to hang with them at. (hang with them at? Seriously mom/Joanna I need grammar lessons)  I’ll tell ya, when you’re with these people you will instantly feel like you’re a part of the family. Haha, and at the end I was infiltrated by the little lady when I let my guard down. She took me down and took over on one of the cameras! Okay, well…I let her a little bit………. Hey Laufenbergs, ya’ll are awesome.

Lots of Laufing. Er.

Oh boy. I’ll just stick with taking pictures.


So awesome, they were just hanging out and keeping warm off in the distance… it.



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