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Pesta Family!! Just simply the best.

December 19, 2013
North Carolina
Posted in: Family Portraits


BOO yeah!! I love the Pestas. Here’s a little history for you guys. I’ve known Danny for a good…four(?) years or so. We used to talk photo stuff alllll the time.  And this wasn’t just casual chit chat, this was a master craftsman talking to a wide eyed beginner photographer. PS, I was the wide eyed ‘tog.  This dude was/is an amazing artist, and a lover of life.  We would chat late into the night while we edited weddings, and I would just soak in all his experiences, challenges, and knowledge. You know the posts I’ve done about what lenses I use and whatnot? It is this guys fault that I use what I use. Danny was the first big shove I had into the prime lens world. Without getting too nerdy for those who aren’t in the photo world, they’re the best lenses out there…and in order to understand just how GREAT they are, you have to spend a long time learning their potential. And Danny did that. And more. He not only learned and grew his abilities with these lenses, he shared. Without wanting anything back, he gave some of the most invaluable pieces to my photography world. And for that, I am forever grateful for his friendship.

And that just goes without saying, the whole Pesta clan is a perfect representation of giving without wanting anything back. Suzanne is INCREDIBLY awesome, and as good as they come.  She is insanely caring, super hard working, and very comforting: her and Danny are making things happen. Their boys are so much fun, and obviously insane. More to love. I can go on and on about them, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea in some pictures:


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